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Double Penetration

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Here I have the sex slave KarinaHH, on a collar and on all four, 15 men and 2 girls, demonstrated for use. She was fucked in pussy, mouth and in the ass and in a sandwich. In addition, she was fisted and she had to lick the sperm pots, clean from the girls. Of course, Karina was also fed with plenty of sperm, the men injected her in her slave mouth and face! Here in the 5th Part Karina was fucked hard by the next cocks in ass, pussy and mouth. Their cunt was stuffed several times, three times, with two hands and one tail. In addition, Karina was fucked in the sandwich and she got a double penetration, in ass and pussy. Of course she got her mouth stuffed and several cocks, squirting her sperm, in her mouth! Finally, Karina, by a big man's hand, hard, fisted!

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