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  • Apr 18, 2018, 1:58:27 PM

    Loly and Rosella rock the pot !!!!!!!!

    Mega porn GangBang film production, with 2 of the two kinky top girls, MissLolyX and RosellaExtrem, on Friday the 04.05.18, in Gelsenkirchen in a semen studio! (Admission is from 19 clock, start is at 20.30 clock)!

    You always wanted to actively participate in a porno movie? With us you have the opportunity! Completely anonymous you can live out your Versaute fantasies.
    You yourself are free to participate in the recordings with a mask !!!!
    If you want to participate in the production with mask or want to make a mask, then bring your own mask! For participants who have a long journey, it is possible to leave the next day. We offer a free overnight stay in the studio. Please let us know in your registration.

    We want to turn together with you on Friday the 04.05.2018 (inlet from 19:00 clock) in Gelsenkirchen, many nasty GangBang scenes. We prefer creampie, anal creampie, bukkake, AV, NS, doubel penetration, gagging deepthroats, cum in mouth, cum swapping, mud pounding in cunt and ass,
    CumSwallowing and piss swallow scenes. So everything the man's heart desires and what you might want to do everything! We look forward to your participation in this great production. Whether you have experience or are a freshman, be there and take your chance to be part of an extreme erotic production. Invited to this production
    are Loly X and MDH Star RosellaExtrem. Both girls are known to produce great, extreme and dirty porn scenes. And that's exactly what we have on 04.05.2018. We really want to shoot awesome sperm and NS videos and you can be a part of it when you come to this production. Everyone is welcome !!!

    This event is a film production with a contribution towards expenses! By participating in this production, you agree to be filmed in freely staged scenes. We carry out a pure production on 04.05.2018. No party! Video and photo recordings will be made by all participants. The recorded material will be published. Each participant gets the video of the production for free download! , We expect cleanliness and scrupulousness! A polite approach is always well received and complain and bad mood are NoGo's in this production!

    You will receive information about this mega film production if you write to me

    Hope it comes again a lot of spray and Pissfreudige men!

    Thick Bussi, your kinky three-hole mares and Dream Team, Loly and Rosella

  • Apr 15, 2018, 3:13:12 PM

    User shooting day, on 27.04.18, near Saarlouis !!

    Hello my dear users! Mara Martinez , TSBizarrladyCloe , Beauty-of-pain, Lady Johanna Syrkay and myself, RosellaExtrem, organize on Friday, the 27.04.18, horny user meetings in connection with kinky and extreme film shoots near Saarlouis. The horny meetings with kinky single-film shoots and group sex shoots, take place from about 13 clock, in a rented film location instead. End of the horny sessions will be around 20 clock!

    Prerequisite for the participation in an unforgettable, nasty, uninhibited and awesome movie-sex-meeting with us, is that you sign up and let you film !

    Anyone who knows me knows that I know almost no taboos except pain! I am submissive or dominant, depending on the desire of the user! Yes and who always wants to rumsauen with a horny tranny bitch, comes at his expense. Also for slaves this user shooting day is optimal, since also with Mara Martinez , TSBizarrladyCloe , beauty of pain, Lady Johanna Syrkay, as well as with me, also strict Dominaladys, are present!

    As there will of course be countless applications and the seats are limited on the day (maximum 15 participants), we ask for an early and binding registration! Since I'm not very often in the region or in the south of the republic, this shooting day is very interesting and a must for users and my fans, from the southern regions! So do not miss this opportunity! All further information, for this nasty day, you get, if you write us!

    Registration also by message to me or to Beauty-of-pain!

    Users who have a valid full test will be treated preferentially!

    In addition, users who have ever bought videos and these also rate and comment!

    (Since the evaluation moral, for my kinky and unique videos, but much to be desired!)

    Of course there will be horny and taboo pissing games and ToiletSlavery sessions for the friends of the sexton and ToiletSlavery fans!

    Look forward to reliable, well-groomed and potent men! (Very happy also young men from 18 years)!

    So let your sexual fantasies come true through us !!! My name is program! Because everything you see in my Total Versaute videos, you can live with me experience!

    Hope it comes a lot of spray and pissing men and submissive slaves!

    Thick Bussi Your nasty and taboo three-hole mare Rosella

  • Apr 10, 2018, 9:33:19 AM


    Hello my love! I have an EXTREME GEILES AND MEGA VERSAUTES ANAL VIDEO again shot for you! Namely the hot video 3 Hard user ass fucks with 3 mega anal creampies! Extreme rosettes blowing up!

    For this I had met with 3 users and they have it really worried my asshole and this extremely pumped full of sperm. This then ran me her sperm, from my wound fucked asshole. So that you can make you a better picture of the hot user rotation, here is the description of this top clip:

    Here I was fucked by 3 users in a row hard, in doggy style, in the ass and all 3 squirted and pumped me their sperm in my asshole and intestines. The 3 fucked me my rosette, at this user meeting, extremely hard, so I screamed extremely, and all three of me each injected a mega cum load in my ass, including anal mud shove. One of the users had a mega-tail, which blew up my rosette. You see in this mega hot and extremely dirty video! And see how those three, record-breaking, mega loads of cum, run out of my hard-fucked asshole!

    If you also want to fuck me, my horny tight asshole and inseminate or all my 3 holes, then contact me!

    Bussi your nasty three-hole mare Rosella

  • Mar 26, 2018, 11:25:04 AM

    2 extreme top girls in action! MissLolyX and RosellaExtrem!

    It was a super horny and dirty shoot, on March 24th in Belgium, with my sweet and hot girlfriend #MissLolyX! We have also done a hot and lively User GangBang! With plenty of sperm for us both Schleckermäulchen! Of course, we have not only swallowed the sperm of the user, (including extreme cum swapping), but also their piss! The HOT MEGA VERSAUTEN videos, from this hot session, you'll see soon! Who was not there really missed something! I'm looking forward to our next Kinky GangBangs. So be there! You have the opportunity to experience us live, among others, on 07.April in Oyten near Bremen! In this horny production (there are no faces filmed) you can fuck us both, in ass, pussy and mouth, and in the sandwich (#DoublePenetration), and inseminate! Of course there will also be there, horny piss messes, with us! Another nasty film shoot, with us both, will take place on April 9 in Hamburg! More info, to the # Porn Film Productions, #GangBangs, you'll find out in my corresponding blog entries!

    Thick Bussi, your nasty Dream Team, Loly and Rosella

  • Mar 23, 2018, 3:05:51 PM

    GangBang on April 14 in Emmen (Holland) !!!

    Hello my love! On Saturday, the 14th of April, I organize a great # GangBang , in an erotic-cafe in Emmen, in the time from 11 to 16 o'clock! This GangBang is filmed and it will be doing horny hardcore porn pictures! There are no faces filmed and enough masks are available! I want horny Bukkake, GV (Safe), NS Swalloing, Cum-Swalloing, Deepthroat and BlowJob scenes, rotate and perform. You are allowed to fuck me (safe), me vollspritzen, pissed, fuck my mouth and fill me with liters of semen and piss! The only expenses, you have the entrance to the erotic cafe, in the amount of 25 euros. I'm horny, dirty and swallow everything!

    Everyone is welcome and the more spiky and pissing men come, the better!

    The recordings take place throughout the day and you can play unrecognized in my gangbang films! I want to have as many men as possible on this day as well as enjoy and show them my qualities! Until all sacks and bubbles are completely emptied! Of course, I always look for great talents, which I often use in my films. Couples and women are welcome!

    If you want to be there, want to experience me live, and / or would like to receive more information, please contact me!

    Thick Bussi, your kinky, Rosella