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Female Domination
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There is a camera in the ceiling of their bedroom! Arami sets up the HD cam while Natalia waits naked in bed. She pulls off his pants as soon as he lays down. She doesn't need encouragement to get his cock in her mouth, as she wants it to be hard. After a few minutes of deep blowjob, he wants to taste some pussy while she sucks his dick, so they 69, until she gets off wanting his dark cock inside her very wet pussy. She climbs on top of him like a cowgirl and moves her ass round and round like a dancer. Natalia loves having her boyfriend's cock inside of her. He rubs her pussy as they fuck, and she cums more than once. Then she gets off and sucks his dick, covered in her juices. Now it is his turn to fuck her, and he lays her down and puts one leg up over her head so he can get deep into her pussy. She can barely stand it, it is so intense. She sucks his dick for the 3rd time in this long love making session, until he turns her around to fuck her missionary again. He puts one of her legs up in the air, the other down on the bed, so he can get his cock very deep inside of her. She loves it. In the end, he cums inside of her pussy. She loves that too.

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