About me


On the question whether I was a "porn star wants to be" - or even a prostitute am - here is a brief clarification:

Granted, I have I am occasionally "for money" be fucked in the ass, even blown and swallowed, and yes, I not only out of pure charity video shot of me in which I am to all the world as a sperm bitch present, but also because it was lucrative.

But, and this is a big BUT, it's also incredibly fun was there and I would not miss this experience. One thing I've always avoided, was falling into the porn "industry" and should remain so

Why do I often of my videos with dirty talk in English do?

Just because I said the last few years lived mostly abroad. In England, in America. Why are / were my bad movies often something "created an international". Yes, and that I grew up bilingual probably has something to do with it.

More about Sperma-Maus

Where is your favorite place to have sex?
Hmmm...In bed I have the least sex.'m More like on the ground, at home and sometimes in the open (beach, forest).In the car, I blow fuck like me as rather too narrow and complicated:) - The holiday is usually on the hotel balcony from the post.Lately I've also occasionally made what in the semi-public, eg.behind a shop window.Although the pedestrian was dark but had only a few meters away, have since blown naked.Two or three people have even stopped with the nose at the window and have watched.Echt super exciting but also stressful on the one hand.Apparently there is the exhibitionist in me more and more by.Caught be what has already.- Oh, and also find public toilets also great, just like I've got it dirty and degrading.May sound totally sick, but half-naked on the toilet floor peed on kneeling next to a dirty toilet bowl and swallow a load of sperm is a crazy kick.Not for everyone but I was still always horny....sorry if that was too gruesome now: (.
Your favorite sexual position?
Depends.Statistically, I'm probably most on the knees.Even when I's prefer anal intercourse doggy style, that is on all fours.In normal fuck if I like who's on or.to me, and most whom ER hochdrückt then my legs, so that my knees are next to the breasts.Since then I'm wide open (delivered something more) and the tail is at the lowest pure.Can also hurt, but I usually hold up to 19 cm so from.I think at least.Times should measure it * lol * - but I do not cock size before important.Too big is often impractical.Oh yes, positions.Well, at 69 I'm happy down there because the men usually comes a little tired in the thighs and the tail then automatically deeper into the neck.Since I will (though seldom but) now and again a little panicked when I then can not breathe, but it is soo hot if you are genuine then the eggs on the lower lip or chin.Embarrassing confession number 8...Yes, and the location of the blisters on my knees COURSE (usually in high heels), as usual! Suffering must come on the hard floor or on the tile floor and grazed knees out of the woods or the toilet, the gymnastics to me yet the next day.So honestly, if I hear myself so I think I mingled with a bit masochistic I'm already.
What sex toys do you like?
Pffff, that is, frankly, as I am to-tail or.Spermageile to really have fun with dildos.A vibrator, a few times a year when I'm alone, ok.But I like the taste of an acorn in his mouth, the salty drops of joy come out of there all the time.Toy is not completely mine.Have such small balls that you can tuck under tags while shopping or in the work that I find funny.Was it a Valentine's Day Gift.Vibrate, not really, but it feels so nice mess if you talk to unsuspecting customers and colleagues....
What type of man do you like?
Outward appearances do not interest me so much to the dismay of my girlfriends and my mother. Handsome Men I look like me in the cinema or on posters at. When it comes to sex and relationship must simply match the chemistry and intelligence. Civility, moderation is important, then I let myself go in most cases. Is a safety issue. Whether large or small, thick or thin, which I could not care relative.
Is penis size important to you?
No, most women I know that's not care. All about 14/15 cm, is completely ok. So the average. Big things are occasionally times fun, but often go too deep what purely for small women like me is not that great. Big things often hurt. When bubbles then I get lockjaw and Anal is then rather more fun than grinding of teeth.
Do you have a fetish?
Oh yes.Cum Swallow's My Number.1 - Then comes perhaps the humiliation, am extremely submissive.Zb.I strive to look up at the sound the man (ie eye contact).While in grad Deepthroat (throating) is very difficult because I often because the tears come (from the gag reflex), but I want to be having sex a "subordinate" women.Since I am very traditional.Harder things like breast-beating or Watschn / slap in the face when blowing and fucking let me not make any.Then heard a lot of confidence and security.This must be agreed on, then at a suitable chemistry is much.