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Until further noticeAll Videos only 1.5 DC
Uses the opportunity and buy the subsidized films.

That of the 01.10. purchased until 31.10.09 Most of us (the highest amount of one euro, but at least € 80) gets a meeting with us a gift (in Halle) for Cuckistyle to the slave hot looks like fun, and we availed ourselves while we have fun (approx. 1 hr) ... So hard to buy ...

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Next date Gangbang with 2-Lochhure:

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thisDates are gentlemen / couples / women welcome who want to use my 2-Lochhure (male) oral and anal (Women who want to watch time and be passive are also liked to see it) will be made this photo - the film set here. Masks are available to bring passport copy. Who does not wish Filmaufnahemn says this at the beginning of the meeting, then this is taken into account (in this case, however, think of TG of 25.00 € on). And who appeals should come, let's say maybe you / for you from another, as though it were angry when the grandmother dies suddenly, etc. The meetings will take place here in Halle Neustadt.
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are currently looking for (also likes younger) ladies who devote time to enjoy an education through him like ...

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New and only briefly:I am looking for without the fin. Interests of individual men or men's group (at least from 30) the trust is the chained slaves using oral and anal einzureiten then ... You should if possible from the vicinity of Halle / S. be, meetings are held with us. The aim is to form it to my willing whore .. It is also done films like this will be published here) (mask
.. this we need a copy of your passport from you that you bring to the first meeting .. Please do not come spinners but only the lords and you really get the part no matter how hard they can fuck the Sklavensau .. see also our video "slavebitch introduces himself ... Oh yes, I film using my slavebitch and am in this case, a taboo for you! With sympathy for a film with the theme Cuckoldslave may be feasible in which I actively co-operates, but this is only when we know better and had at least 2 meetings in which her rannehmt the slaves ... and in any case I expect to write a polite and not horny texts! appointment booking with the slavebitch for the above-described through the messaging system

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For interested women and couples have the possibility Contacts

to include letters from various gentlemen are answered, they have done here over the message system or do you report to him under his individual profile: slave Hall
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We are a couple that meets regularly to games, we both like to play our switchen and SM games. He is bi, not what they absolutely do not does not mean other women can join. We like the soft to hard SM area, all shown scenes in our movies / pictures fun for us, even if it sometimes seems different:) We have no financial interests as a priority and couples, ladies, ladies rounds, groups or parties, and corresponding events to play together and photograph may also be filming /. Single Men see later in the text to what is possible. We also like to come and visit () in a reasonable distance or you receive from us (though the apartment rel. Small). Further, we like to talk to high class level, please refrain from horny covering letter. We both have a very strongly developed taste for thin tights, nylons and tight Glanzlycrakleidung. Birgit has such a constant with your heels or boots.

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and finally: In the first message please write in subject: "Read", then we know that your time before you at least take our profile text to read before you let us anschreibt