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It is really no shame, if one (n) jerks off while filming a little. I wanted to get it really nice again and of course create a video for you. Since I usually use a tripod, I thought it would be a cool idea, if the angle changes from time to time. I have to say, the video as such did not get so bad with the content. After all, I get it more or less extreme and only the mental ideas of what you could have done anything with me are limitless. :) But what was my cameraman there all the time, was already violent ... Now if I see the video so I have to confess, I would have found it cool if he jerks me on it or pissing on ... or just me put something in my asshole. Have fun and great relaxation.

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  • zuna245

    Jan 24, 2018, 5:58:17 PM

    nice ich hätte da mit gemacht die Versuchung wer zu groß da nicht mit zu machen :)

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