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Female Domination

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Part 4: THE FINALE: When satisfied that her feet have been sufficiently massaged by the maid slave Madame Catarina decides to use the slave as a footrest whilst Lady Victoria Valente decides her boots need cleaning. Soon the maid is licking and sucking the heels and soles of Lady Victoria Valente’s boots. The maid is then brought into a kneeling position and the Ladies unveil the maids cock beneath her panties and decide to have some fun with the condom covered cock. Madame Catarina rolls and rubs the cock beneath her stockinged feet and very soon the maid cums filling the condom.. The now dirty cock still in its condom is replaced inside the maids panties and she is instructed to carry on with her cleaning duties as the Ladies leave to find fun elsewhere. #footjob #orgasm #condom #maid

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