About me

Hola a todos!

Somos una pareja para experimentar y buscar juegos de varones calientes en un continuo refuerzo!

Geil sería si usted traer a uno - dos amigos y conocidos!

(Lo siento chicos, no siempre se escribe de vuelta de inmediato (no chat).

Pero no debemos ser conocidos dentro de dos semanas de su correo electrónico, a continuación, por favor, comprenda que una negativa cortés pero firme.)

A todos los que les gusta mirar nuestras fotos y películas: podemos cumplir sus deseos!

Siempre caliente para foto-secuencias de video han!

Deseamos a todos los usuarios una Advendszeit córneas, un Santa Claus con un saco grande
y una hoja mojada en el 2010!

Usted simplemente registros, estamos muy contentos y esperando que una colorida con usted!

More about stas630345

What kind people would you like to meet?
We'd like mà ¶ Mà ¤ nner know who experiment Spaß on. (Sex toys, taking photos, Dreiespielchen)
What are your hobbies?
Sex and everything dazugehà ¶ rt!
What kind of music do you like?
mà ¶ anything resembling
Have you ever met someone in person that you got to know online?
Yes, and they were horny hours
A Party is not a Party without....
nice people and good atmosphere
If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
eternal love with cool sex, health and financial recklessness
What are the three most important things in your life?
Work, love and friends
If you were stranded on an island what would you want to take with you?
partner and our sex toys
How often do you visit the site?
we watch every day, what's new
Where is your favorite place to have sex?
à ¼ berall in the apartment and outdoor
Your favorite sexual position?
which does not exist
What was your most extraordinary sexual experience?
Parking lot with several Beteidigten
What sex toys do you like?
Courage dildos and vibrators, cords and chains
What is your favorite sex toy?
the mouth with him and her
What turns you on the most on a man?
Er soll mich viel küssen und danach nehmen so wie er es möchte
Do you have a really hot sexual fantasy that you like to experience in real life?
Ja viele ...
What type of man do you like?
groß und schlank soll er sein
How often do you need sex?
with my partner, as often as possible
Is breast size important to you?
no, there are more important
Is penis size important to you?
see above
Do you have a fetish?