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  • Jun 7, 2017, 10:48:28 AM

    I like to accept fan drawings as a bribe :)

    If you do not have a real brush ready, then let me work with your in the pants, which certainly longs for a lesson from your teacher Sandy :)

  • Apr 10, 2017, 8:56:00 PM

    cool story # 1

    He was on the train and on his way home. He had not been there for weeks, the more pleased he was that it was not only warm and comfortable at home, but that his only real sister lived there. At the thought of her, he got goose bumps and wished to lie in her arms and feel her warmth. At the station, a waving woman was waiting for him, and when they were finally in each other's arms, neither of them could say a word. And they were beaming over their ears. Affectionately they took each other in the arm and led themselves home. Once there, HE was visibly surprised by the condition of the apartment. He expected dim light and a pleasant fragrance floated through the rooms and he felt well from the first moment. He took off his wardrobe and followed her into the kitchen, where the table was set, and she quickly pulled prepared food out of the oven to steam it on the table. She had gone to great lengths just to make him feel good again and HE thanked her with a look of love, gratitude and trust. After the meal, she led him into the bathroom.
    He opened the door and was immediately enveloped in the mist that streamed from the bathroom. SHE closed quickly behind them to get as much heat as possible. There was so much water vapor in the bathroom that you could not see the outstretched hand, but more than rustic and soothing. She undressed him and put him in the bathtub almost filled to the brim. The warmth flooded him like a stream of lava breaking through the valley. He sat there, taking a deep breath, wishing that time would stand still. She stood smiling and was happy to finally be reunited with her love. She knelt down in front of her bathtub and began to massage his skin and rub with an oil, which was also the reason why the bathroom smelled so comfortable. He melted under his wife's fingers, but then she did something that seemed to banish his eyes. She got up and disappeared in the fog. A short time later she reappeared, naked, THE image of beauty. The whole world would now envy him. At this sight, which had been denied him for so long, immediately erected his penis. He looked at you. she stopped short in front of the tub and let herself be observed, she knew very well what was consumed and missed, so she enjoyed being swallowed up by his eyes.
    It was still as beautiful as it used to be, he noted, the only difference being that a soft down had spread on her pubic mound, it looked like it had been when Bernhard saw her naked for the first time. She knelt down again and massaged him further. He rarely opened his eyes to lust, but it was always rewarding. A face with the most beautiful eyes and the most beautiful smile in the world looked at him lovingly, including hung two wonderful breasts, stroking the warm water with her tip. What he could not see was that she was equally excited to see him with his stiff penis, as it aroused him to see her, so she just massaged him with one hand and the other let her slide over, through and into her pussy , The longer and the more intensely she became happy, the greater was the urge for more in her, but she wanted to wait a little more.

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    Gentlemen! Whenever you see me, come talk to me. I don't bite. Haha! And maybe you could get to touch something.angstengel

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    Ho-ho-ho! Wish you a lot of warm, lovely, relaxing atmosphere, a big bomb of Calories, and overall great Christmas time!

    My mainwish: Is to have you under the Xmastreem this year. engel engel


  • Nov 11, 2016, 9:29:51 PM


    What's your favourite bodypart? master

    I want to make you cum so hard that you will never forget that babe engel