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For me there is nothing hornier than to relax in the Spa! And what does a Man need to really switch off? Exactly! - a horny Blonde and dripping juicy Holes! Sex in the thermal baths is not allowed... that would definitely lead to a Scandal. Scandal or not I was already aware of the Risk, when I noticed that another Swimmer, who was also in the Pool and could dive super long, the Slut apparently jerked off on me. I was so horny that I just had to boldly ask her what she does Underwater because so...! She didn't want to admit it directly that she secretly plays on her horny Cunt. To make her understand that I do not mind at all, I pointed underwater on my rock-hard Cock. Slightly blurred I saw the horniness in her Eyes. I know that Sex in the public baths is strictly forbidden, but in that case I just couldn't help it. Although there were some other Guests at the same time in the Pool Area, she submerges and gets my Juice in only one breath, which splashed in a mega Cloud from my Cock. Would you have taken the risk of banning me too? #Underwater #Public #Blonde

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  • budy11

    Jun 17, 2018, 2:47:25 PM

    Ihre zwei seid echt geil das Hausverbot wäre mir dabei egal aber mit euch zwei Unterwasser ginge was volle Punktzahl ????????????????????????????

    Response from HornyRoxy

    Dec 2, 2018, 2:02:24 PM

    Wie auf wartest du dann noch ;-) komm zu uns und hab Spaß. Kisses HornyRoxy

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