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Oh what a blatant action! I walk with my girlfriend over the station and we want to tow someone to fuck. We are just horny and we itches the pussy. But it's not that easy. The guys do not dare and one is even true to his girlfriend? Well, I have never received such a dissipation. But we will find it and a strong young man takes us to his nearby apartment. But I can not stand it for so long and we eat it in the stairwell. We suck the big cock stiff, what a lucky hit. Geil he fucks my girlfriend through and she enjoys it, her huge tits wobble. Finally it's my turn and cry with lust. We do not hear the door open ... and a resident just runs right through us, oh god how embarrassing. We are just full on fucking! Something has not happened to me but we just keep on and it makes me much hornier. The whole thing is actually topped only by the huge load of sperm pumping the guy in our faces! What did you think of our action, would you have come with us?

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  • MarcONC

    Nov 19, 2017, 11:52:05 AM

    Wow, sehr geile Idee, mach weiter so!

  • Morris451

    Nov 12, 2017, 2:31:16 PM

    Wahnsinn ihr zwei geilen Hühner, echt geil was ihr da gemacht habt. Vor lauteer Geilheit habt ihr sogar die Öffentlichkeit eures Ficks vergessen. Dafür gibts mindestens 1000Points.
    P.S.: Ihr sehr echt toll aus

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