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My absolutely blatant experience ever! Went home and wanted to throw a little party ... the new type of my best friend was already there, she was still at the sport. As I stand in the kitchen at the stove, he suddenly attacks me and kneads around my big ass. Fuck, instead of defending me, I find that very cool and do with ... then he suddenly takes some olive oil, it lubricates me in the asshole, fingering me and pushes me his cock also pure ... OMGGGG how crass is that?!? Did not know if I should run away from fright, or scream with lust when fucking. But the guy fucks so horny that I suck him even Arschfotzensaft from the tail and let him reinficken continue to fuck ... but then he suddenly just so pure in my ass! And just then the door opens and his girlfriend comes in ... I forgot that she still had the key ... fuuuuck !!!

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  • smaragdking

    Apr 17, 2019, 11:22:58 AM

    ja bb einafch die geile hose und dein geiler slip nach unten ziehen und dich ficken bis jemand kommtdu bist so ein williges Prachtexemplar da muss man einfach drauf los auf dich

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