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When the #User Christian applied for a #Userfuck #date with me, he told me that he still is a #virgin and wants to have his first time ever only with me. As you already know me: I love to fuck virgins, so yeah there we are now :D! You cannot imagine how many guys I already #deflowered ! The moment he pushes his cock into my #pussy truly feels amazing for both of us!! I can feel how his heart beats faster and faster and how nervous he is but this only makes me hornier and #hornier !!! Even tough it is his first time, I know that 2-3 more #fucks with me will make him a good fucker and ready for other girls ;-)! The #cock size is already more than great!! What do you think, how was Christian’s first time :-)? #userdate #firstTime #teen

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  • whitehgt

    Sep 17, 2017, 3:08:14 AM

    da hast du den Christian ja sicher Glücklich gemacht. kein wunder wenn so eine Hammer, perfekte, süße und natürlich auch scharfe Frau drann Geht. -:)

    Response from AnnyAurora

    Jan 17, 2018, 8:56:28 PM

    HIhi danke dir :) :*

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