About me

Hallo ihr lieben!

We have now launched our first couple of experience behind us and some of it is "learned" have become conscious about our feelings and want more of it ... but we also know exactly what we want.
In any case, BOTH need to have something like this. The last time it was unfortunately very one-sided, our female part was more fun ... that's totally OK, but will be differently next time ... that should have BOTH their fun and it is not a pure wife-swapping, but with real sex be four people!
We are normal people who married for more than 10 years and have ****.
We are looking for a nice pair of common erotic gadgets. Our male part is not Bi, but may still be too happy times anal spoiled. Our female part has a slight slope and Bi would like to try out the live views ....
If you have lived as "normal" as we're on things is not too hard and have fun in sex and humor, then you, but please notify us!

We look forward to many letters from you; of single women ...But in no case of single men.

Ah yes ... we do not pay for news!
To all neighbors, friends, relatives: Nice to meet youALSOHere you are! :-)

Love GreetingsM & M
PS: If you have suggestions / requests for photos and / or videos like ... let me know!