Leather Slave Meets The Leather Master


Leather Slave Meets The Leather Master

One of leather slaves recalls his introduction to me, his Leather Master

I feel very afraid to go and see my strict Leather Master. I have been ordered to arrive at the exact time or slave will be whipped properly as soon he enters. So I ring the doorbell and hope that I am not late. Leather Master opens the door and the first strict order comes: 'On your knees slave!' He fits a strict leather collar on me and a leash, so I am now a slave dog. I was pulled to other room and I got orders to take my clothes off. So I was naked before strict Leather Master. Then I was put in chains and I saw beautiful leather whips on the wall. I knew that I was in leatherslave's heaven.

Leather Master was in tight leather pants and boots with a leather biker jacket. I was ordered to lick Leather Master's boots and if not licked properly, I would be whipped good - 100 lashes on my back. I was licking as well as I could, but something went wrong and I was told to get up against the wall. I was about to get whipped for the first time in this weekend. 'I'm gag this asshole', I heard and I got a leather gag in my mouth, also a very tight leather hood was strapped around me, so I was helpless. Then came the whip for the first time. I love the sound of long leather whip and it stung on my back harshly. I was leather couple's slave and very happy for that. I got great marks on my back with 100 whiplashes and after whipping I was told to lick again and this time all his beautiful leathers, boots, pants and jackets. While I was licking his leathers, Leather Master spanked me with various leather floggers and paddles. So my ass soon turned red too.

Overnight I was put in tight chains, so I could not try to escape and would be ready next morning to receive my morning punishment first thing as the leather couple wakes up. I love being Leatherslave of the strict Leather Master and take my punishments so well; I can and proudly have whip marks on my back. I hope Leather Master is satisfied with me, so I can come again to get a proper whipping and lick and smell their beautiful, tight leathers all over again. I was in leather heaven.


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